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Some History

As you may know, The Pilgrim’s Progress was written close to 400 years ago. Immediately upon publication it became a best-seller, selling more copies than any other book other than Holy Scripture; a distinction it held until very recently. Part of its fading popularity is because of its Elizabethan English that modern readers find hard to understand. This disadvantage has been totally removed by Jim Pappas’ skillful rewording and amplification. By amplified is meant that some key scenes or choice dialogs are expanded to further enhance the reading or listening pleasure and understanding. Here is a sample of what “amplified” means:

Taken from The New Amplified Pilgrim’s Progress – Flyleaf of the hard cover version.

The Capture by Giant Despair

Original text by Bunyan
” . . . wherefore he, getting up in the morning early, and walking up and down in his fields, caught Christian and Hopeful asleep in his grounds. Then, with a grim and surly voice, he bid them awake, and asked them whence they were, and what the did in his grounds.


Amplified version by Pappas (pages 239-240
“By this time Hopeful had begun to bestir himself and managed to open one bleary eye. But, upon seeing the evil face of a giant not two feet from his own, he decided that he was having a nightmare and quickly clamped his eye shut, hoping thereby to switch to a better dream. At this the giant was offended and cuffed him a good one alongside the head, snarling, ‘Hey, Wake up, I said.’

   Then Hopeful opened both eyes and saw the giant, now hulking less than a foot away. He smelled the foul odor of his greasy body. He tasted the air hung thick with the miasma of decaying teeth and fresh garlic. He felt the heat emanating off the huge muscular body and realized that this dream was worse than real.”

As you can readily perceive, these rewrites are not mere rewordings of the old classic but a new creation all to themselves. To see what other readers are saying about this work go to this page of BOOK REVIEWS on Amazon

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Jim Pappas
The New Amplified Pilgrim’s Progress