2/8/2022 Almost one year ago I began a new practice – that of becoming a pen-pal with God. It goes something like this. First I sit down and write out the concerns and questions of my soul in a short letter to God. Second, I go through the Scriptures in a systematic manner looking for God’s answers to the concerns/questions I have raised. Next, and this is the most exciting part – I ask God to write a letter to me based on the Scriptures that He just led me to (or Scriptures from previous sessions). I should point out that before taking pen in hand to write down the Words of God I command Satan to vacate my room by the authority of Jesus Christ. This is because God is not the only one who impresses thoughts into our minds. The Dark Tyrant can also give us ideas and thoughts to confuse and misdirect us. More on these thoughts as they arise. So, here goes. This is what God impressed upon my thoughts based on Scriptures He led me to. “My dearest child, James, What is man? More – what is man that I am mindful of him? I answer that man is the crowning work of creation – More akin to me than any angel around the throne. It is through man that I shall truly reveal the depths of my love; it is through man that I have made myself totally vulnerable and transparent to all the universe; and it is through man that I will reveal all that I can make of a creature – born on a dunghill-but destined to rule worlds. I have put all things under his feet and given him dominion over the works of my hands. I have quickened him in Christ and made him to sit with me in heavenly places in Christ Jesus. Ye are my workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works. What is man? Answer thou. Lovingly, Abba.”
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