Now! Pilgrim’s Progress as John Bunyan would wished to  have heard it
• 77 Actors
• Original Music by Jeff Wood
• Script by Jim Pappas
• Kirk Van Buren voicing Christian

This audio rendition of The Pilgrim’s Progress has been acclaimed by fans as the most listener-friendly recording in the world. Enhanced oulde Englysh speech patterns make this a listening delight to the modern auditor with an ease of understanding that even children can enjoy. So, if you are one of the 50% who tried to read the original Pilgrim’s Progress book but could not make it through, be of good cheer for help is at hand. Available as a 6 CD disk set, a 1 MP3 disk, or as an MP3 download. Also as an even more highly dramatized and enhanced book version in either hard or soft cover or as an eBook. Available at: